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When Disagreements Happen

26 November 2023
In this message, Doug unpacks why Paul and Barnabas disagreed concerning John Mark, why they ended up parting ways because of this disagreement, how God eventually brought reconciliation, and what…

Together In The Gospel

12 November 2023
In this passage Doug looks at the early Church's pivotal decision to include Gentiles, highlighting the Gospel's unifying force across diverse backgrounds as well as cautioning believers to practice responsibility…

The Persevering Gospel

5 November 2023
In the final leg of the Apostle Paul's first missions trip, we see how the gospel perseveres despite opposition and oppression, and through multiplying healthy churches.

None Like Him

29 October 2023
In this sermon we see that Jesus is the culmination and fulfilment of history and how there is no one and will be no one like Jesus.

Broken for Blessing

8 October 2023
In this Sermon, Dave shows how God used the scattering of the Jerusalem church for the purposes of Gospel advance and unpacks 4 pillars that the newly formed Antioch church…

The Evangelistic God

3 September 2023
In this account of Phillip and the Eunuch, we see that God is an evangelistic God and the fruit is produced in four ways: Labourers are sent, seekers are saved,…
In this passage, 7 Deacons are elected to help serve the needs in the church and through this the gospel increases, the disciples multiply and there are miraculous conversions. This…
In this sermon, Doug speaks to us about a message like no other, a mission like no other and a saviour like no other and challenges us to assess the…
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