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Faith for The Journey

19th Sep 2021
This sermon unpacks what it looks like and means to follow Jesus and how God gives us faith and spiritual were for the journey of following him.
In this sermon Dave preaches on the most important question in life, one that we will all have to answer to Jesus; "who do you say I am?"

Recognising Jesus

11th Jul 2021
In this passage in Mark, Jesus walks on water and the disciples don't recognise him. Dave unpacks this interaction and helps us to understand and see Jesus more clearly.

The Touch of Jesus

13th Jun 2021
In this passage of a Girl Restored and a Woman Healed, Dave brings us Jesus' encouraging word of kindness in our darkest and most broken moments.

In His Family

2nd May 2021
In this passage, Jesus introduces the concept of a spiritual family and what it means to belong.

Responding to Jesus

11th Apr 2021
In this sermon, Dave takes us through the four responses to the person and work of Jesus in this passage in Mark; The Crowds, The Demons, Jesus' Family and The…

The Rules of Rest

28th Mar 2021
In this passage Jesus challenges the Pharisees on their view of Sabbath dismantling legalism and inviting us to rest in him.
Dave unpacks how Jesus shows us the patterns of a disciples heart: 1. Seeking out the Father in the business of life (Prayer) 2. Seeking out the lost in the…
In this message, Dave unpacks Psalm 23 and the encouragements that flow from the Lord being our Shepherd. He cares for us in giving us rest, restoration, refuge, rejoicing over…
Apologies! We had a technical glitch while recording this service, and only half of the sermon recorded... Dave speaks about idolatry, why John implores us to guard ourselves against idolatry…
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