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Recognising Jesus

11th Jul 2021
In this passage in Mark, Jesus walks on water and the disciples don't recognise him. Dave unpacks this interaction and helps us to understand and see Jesus more clearly.
In this sermon Jesus feeds the 5000. In this story we see three things about Jesus: He lived a life of compassion, He provided for our deepest needs and the…

Called To Be Sent

27th Jun 2021
In this passage, where Jesus sends out the 12 Disciples, we see what it means to be a christian; to be called by God, Commissioned by God and sent by…

The Touch of Jesus

13th Jun 2021
In this passage of a Girl Restored and a Woman Healed, Dave brings us Jesus' encouraging word of kindness in our darkest and most broken moments.

Lord of The Storm

30th May 2021
In this passage Jesus calms the storm, demonstrating his authority over creation. our response should be that of faith-filled awe and reverence, trusting that he is faithful and beside us…
In this passage Jesus drives out demons from a man. Quent unpacks this for us and brings our attention to the spiritual war going on, in and around us. We…

The Lamp, The Seed

23rd May 2021
In this sermon we are shown the great power and joy in Jesus and The Word of God.
In this sermon Doug unpacks the Parable of The Sower and shows us how to approach The Word so that we live a life with exponential fruitfulness.

In His Family

2nd May 2021
In this passage, Jesus introduces the concept of a spiritual family and what it means to belong.
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