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In this passage, Peter and John face the Sanhedrin. Doug unpacks three phrases they use that are both encouraging and challenging for us today.
This passage describes the marks of the early Church and how they were a people devoted to God and his people. Can we say the same?

The Truer David

25th June 2023
In this passage, Peter preaches his first sermon to a crowd of thousands He shows how Jesus was the fulfilment of God's promises to King David many years before. How…
In this passage, after the ascension of Jesus, the disciples are together praying when the Holy Spirit descends and empowers them to spread the gospel body. Doug unpacks what this…

Awaiting the Spirit

4th June 2023
After the Ascension of Jesus, the disciples await their next steps. In this sermon Doug discusses the characteristics that marked their waiting and how this serves as an example for…
In this first sermon of the series Doug discusses the Ascension of Jesus, the hope of the resurrection,  the comfort of his advocacy , the gift of the Spirit and…
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