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This Psalms explores the trials and difficulty that comes with "spiritual depression", when our walk with the Lord feels hard. It then points us to the one who is faithful…

Our Shame Lifted

27th Mar 2022
In this account of Jesus' prediction of and Peter's denial of Jesus, the message of the gospel is displayed; that you are fully known and in spite of that are…

Jesus’ Return

6th Mar 2022
Doug discusses how we should be living with urgency and connected to God's plan, in expectation of Jesus's return and how our emphasis should be eternal.
In this sermon Doug recounts Jesus' foretelling of the destruction of the temple and how as christians we have direct access to God because the ultimate sacrifice was made on…


6th Feb 2022
In this sermon Doug discusses how we respond to the love of Christ through serving and loving the world


30th Jan 2022
In this sermon Doug tackles the subject of giving in 3 areas; Time, Talents & Treasures, and challenges our ideas on ownership.


23rd Jan 2022
In this sermon, Doug discusses how and what we need to grow as Christians and how we need to be Spirit empowered along with our own striving.
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