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We all have hopes and dreams for our future, and maybe you've fully planned what you would like this year to look like. Pause for a moment and let us…
In this message from Micah 1, Pete shows how Christmas is for those who have lost their way, those who love their idols, and those who have invited the judgement…
In this Heritage Day sermon, Greg Tait encouraged and challenged us to be a church that is united and diverse, and that this unity brings God more glory than uniformity.…


19th May 2019
In the last part of this series, Quent teaches on hell and stirs us to thank God for our salvation and plead with us in evangelism.


12th May 2019
In this message, Doug looks at the hope of heaven and how that changes how we live today.
In this message, Doug shares about the various ways in which believers can serve the world, with an emphasis on serving the world with the message of the gospel.
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