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The Persevering Gospel

5 November 2023
In the final leg of the Apostle Paul's first missions trip, we see how the gospel perseveres despite opposition and oppression, and through multiplying healthy churches.
In this sermon Guest Preacher Themba Dlamini unpacks the story of the widow whose son is raised to life by Jesus, and how in these moments we have compassionate Saviour…

The Evangelistic God

3 September 2023
In this account of Phillip and the Eunuch, we see that God is an evangelistic God and the fruit is produced in four ways: Labourers are sent, seekers are saved,…
In this passage, Peter and John face the Sanhedrin. Doug unpacks three phrases they use that are both encouraging and challenging for us today.

A Different Kind of King

14 November 2021
This passage introduces us to a different kind of king for a different kind of kingdom. Jesus, the humble, saving, almighty king came to give us life and free us…

How The Blind Can See

7 November 2021
This interaction between Jesus and a blind man reveals our own condition of Spiritual blindness and how it leaves us helpless, outcast, and desperate. Jesus doesn't leave us in this…
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