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A Persistent Faith

1st Aug 2021
Doug takes us through the passage about A Gentile Mother's faith. In this challenging word to us about faith he shows us the 4 aspects of her faith and how…

Recognising Jesus

11th Jul 2021
In this passage in Mark, Jesus walks on water and the disciples don't recognise him. Dave unpacks this interaction and helps us to understand and see Jesus more clearly.
Dave unpacks how Jesus shows us the patterns of a disciples heart: 1. Seeking out the Father in the business of life (Prayer) 2. Seeking out the lost in the…
In this passage John shows us how the gospel gives us a new Pedigree, Provider, Protector, Power, Perception, Passion and Practice. This letter was written to believers to remind them…
In this message, Doug teaches what Jesus prayed for the night before his crucifixion and how this prayer of the Bible can shape our prayers.
In this message, Doug shares about the importance of cultivating a life of personal worship and how we can go about it.
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