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Together In The Gospel

12th November 2023
In this passage Doug looks at the early Church's pivotal decision to include Gentiles, highlighting the Gospel's unifying force across diverse backgrounds as well as cautioning believers to practice responsibility…

Awaiting the Spirit

4th June 2023
After the Ascension of Jesus, the disciples await their next steps. In this sermon Doug discusses the characteristics that marked their waiting and how this serves as an example for…
In this Passage Isaiah describes his vision of God, holy and gracious. It should stir in us a deep awe and longing for the presence of God and give our…
In the last sermon of this series, Doug preaches on David as a worshiper and how even though his life was marked by many mistakes, bad decisions and sin he…

Beholding Jesus

12th September 2021
In beholding Jesus, we become like Jesus God wants our attention on the cross because we are changed by looking at and listening to Jesus

The (Un)Forgivable Sin

18th April 2021
In this sermon Doug warns us against silencing the convicting voice of the Holy Spirit and reminds us of the life-giving message of the gospel; that God would lavish us…
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