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In this message, Doug shares about the various ways in which believers can serve the world, with an emphasis on serving the world with the message of the gospel.
In this message Dave helps us see the importance of serving in the church, how serving helps us grow as individuals and as a community, and how ultimately serving is…
In this message, Doug looks at two foundational issues that serve as bookends of our faith; the righteousness of Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit.
In this message, Dave leads us through the amazing announcement that the angel gave to the shepherds that first Christmas. What does this "Good News of Great Joy for all…
In this message, Doug looks at the reunion and reconciliation between Jospeh and his brothers, and how powerful and necessary the ideas of grace and forgiveness can be in our…
In this message, Doug looks at what we can learn from the life of Joseph about how essential character is if we want to live a life of godly influence.


26th Aug 2018
In this message, Doug takes us through the origins of communion and looks at what both Jesus and Paul taught about how we can celebrate the richness of this practice.
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Parkhurst Community Church