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Together In The Gospel

12 November 2023
In this passage Doug looks at the early Church's pivotal decision to include Gentiles, highlighting the Gospel's unifying force across diverse backgrounds as well as cautioning believers to practice responsibility…

None Like Him

29 October 2023
In this sermon we see that Jesus is the culmination and fulfilment of history and how there is no one and will be no one like Jesus.
Simon shares his journey to faith and the powerful message of surrendering himself fully to the Lord. He encourages us to ask the question "is Jesus just the saviour of…

Faith for The Journey

19 September 2021
This sermon unpacks what it looks like and means to follow Jesus and how God gives us faith and spiritual were for the journey of following him.
In this sermon Dave preaches on the most important question in life, one that we will all have to answer to Jesus; "who do you say I am?"

Blindness Cured

15 August 2021
In this passage Jesus heals a blind man. Wiseman shows us the ways in which we are blind to who Jesus is and ways in which we can see him…
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