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Man Of Sorrows

3 April 2022
But he was pierced because of our rebellion, crushed because of our iniquities; punishment for our peace was on him, and we are healed by his wounds. Isaiah 53:5 In…

Our Shame Lifted

27 March 2022
In this account of Jesus' prediction of and Peter's denial of Jesus, the message of the gospel is displayed; that you are fully known and in spite of that are…
In this passage, Jesus shares his last meal with his disciples and makes promises about what the shedding of his blood would accomplish.
In this sermon, Lenka unpacks the story of the anointing of Jesus by Mary at Bethany. At the risk of tarnishing her reputation performs an extravagant act of worship, which…

Jesus’ Return

6 March 2022
Doug discusses how we should be living with urgency and connected to God's plan, in expectation of Jesus's return and how our emphasis should be eternal.
In this sermon Doug recounts Jesus' foretelling of the destruction of the temple and how as christians we have direct access to God because the ultimate sacrifice was made on…

The Practice Of Giving

20 February 2022
In this passage Jesus tackles the topic of sacrificial giving which reminds us that everything belongs to God. Money has the power to shape us in either a godly or…

The Scribes and Us

13 February 2022
In this passage Jesus opposes the Scribes and calls out their insincere worship. His message is that if he truly is the Messiah, and David - the greatest king of…


6 February 2022
In this sermon Doug discusses how we respond to the love of Christ through serving and loving the world


30 January 2022
In this sermon Doug tackles the subject of giving in 3 areas; Time, Talents & Treasures, and challenges our ideas on ownership.
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