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19th May 2019
In the last part of this series, Quent teaches on hell and stirs us to thank God for our salvation and plead with us in evangelism.


12th May 2019
In this message, Doug looks at the hope of heaven and how that changes how we live today.


5th May 2019
In our new series Eternity: Living now in the light of forever we will look at eternity through three  different lens. Death, Heaven and Hell. This week we look at…

Jesus and Peter

28th Apr 2019
In this message Doug takes a look at the tender grace Jesus has with Peter in reinstating him and how it changes Peter life and mission.

Easter Sunday

21st Apr 2019
In this message, Doug looks at the reasons for belief in the resurrection and how that should transform our lives daily.

Good Friday

19th Apr 2019
Quent looks at the severity of our sin and depravity, and helps us see the cross in light of what Jesus did to save us.
In this message, Doug teaches what Jesus prayed for the night before his crucifixion and how this prayer of the Bible can shape our prayers.
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