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Beholding Jesus

12 September 2021
In beholding Jesus, we become like Jesus God wants our attention on the cross because we are changed by looking at and listening to Jesus

A Call to Discipleship

5 September 2021
If anyone wants to follow after me, let him deny himself, take up his cross, and follow me. -- Mark 8:34 In this sermon we are called to assess who…
In this sermon Dave preaches on the most important question in life, one that we will all have to answer to Jesus; "who do you say I am?"

Blindness Cured

15 August 2021
In this passage Jesus heals a blind man. Wiseman shows us the ways in which we are blind to who Jesus is and ways in which we can see him…
In this passage Jesus Heals a deaf and mute man. Doug shows us the importance of speech in the bible and gives us ways in which to discern God's voice.

A Persistent Faith

1 August 2021
Doug takes us through the passage about A Gentile Mother's faith. In this challenging word to us about faith he shows us the 4 aspects of her faith and how…
In this passage Jesus challenges the Pharisees on their empty traditions and how true worship comes from within the heart.

Recognising Jesus

11 July 2021
In this passage in Mark, Jesus walks on water and the disciples don't recognise him. Dave unpacks this interaction and helps us to understand and see Jesus more clearly.
In this sermon Jesus feeds the 5000. In this story we see three things about Jesus: He lived a life of compassion, He provided for our deepest needs and the…

Called To Be Sent

27 June 2021
In this passage, where Jesus sends out the 12 Disciples, we see what it means to be a christian; to be called by God, Commissioned by God and sent by…
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