Israel tour
  • Day 5 & 6

    Day 5:   Wednesday 25 September 

    (Accommodation at Kibbutz Nof Ginosar, Tiberius)

    • Parables House at Taybeh
    • Drive through Samaria – the ancient, historic, biblical name used for the central region of the Land of Israel, bordered by Judea to the south and Galilee to the north
    • Nazareth Village – This is an open air museum in Nazareth that reconstructs and reenacts village life in the time of Jesus.  The village features houses, terraced fields, wine and olive presses all built to resemble those that would have been in a Galilee village in the 1st century.
    • Cultural Lunch at Nazareth Village (incl in tour price)


    • Nazareth precipice (potential site where people of Nazareth wanted to throw Jesus off a cliff)  The Nazareth precipice overlooks the Jezreel Valley.  There are fantastic views of many locations where events from both Testaments happened.  This is part of the Via Maris, the international highway that stretched from Mesopotamia to Egypt.

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    Day 6:   Thursday 26 September 

    (Accommodation at Kibbutz Nof Ginosar, Tiberius)

    We will spend some time in the area Jesus did most of his ministry. He had moved down from Nazareth and made Capernaum on the shores of the Sea of Galilee his “headquarters” from which he would do his ministry.

    • Magdala site and church – This is said to be Mary Magdalene’s ancient hometown.  She was the first person to see the resurrected Jesus.  It is at this village that archaeologists believe they found a first century synagogue, prompting some to wonder whether Jesus Himself visited the building. It is likely that people who used this synagogue were witnesses to the multiplication of the loaves and other miracles depicted in the four Gospels.


    • Walk down Mount of Beatitudes – We will enjoy walking down the Mount of Beatitudes and reading from the Sermon on the Mount (Matt 5-6)



    • Capernaum (Jesus’ headquarters for ministry) – Jesus moved here from Nazareth (Matt 4:13) and from this location he would do a great deal of his ministry. Each time he did a ministry trip he would return to Capernaum.  Here Jesus healed Peter’s mother in-law (Luke 4), called his first disciples (Matt 4:18-19), healed the centurion’s servant (Matt 8:5), called Matthew Levi to follow him (Matt 5:27) and drove out an evil spirit from a man in the Synagogue – these are just a few major events in the life of Christ that took place in the town.


    • St Peters Fish for lunch (incl in tour price)


    • Boat ride on Sea of Galilee back to Tiberius

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